What do we want? Quality Streets…

20 mph signs in Mina Road

20 mph signs in Mina Road

…When do we want them? Now!

SUSTRANS has a great new campaign, encouraging residents to email their councillors to push for improvements to our residential streets, “making my street into a space for people as well as cars”.


I have had 13 emails so far from Ashley ward residents.  There are now two large 20mph pilot areas in residential streets in Bristol, with more planned. Slower speeds make our streets safer, friendlier and quieter.

The campaign is very close to my heart, and Bristol City council is pushing to introduce 20mph areas (such as the new one on Mina Road), as well as giving priority to people walking and cycling.
Many people have been involved in the development of a new walking strategy and a new cycling strategy for Bristol and both are being incorporated in the new local Transport Plan.
The council are also encouraging use of public transport with funding for Severn Beach line services – closest stations Montpelier and Stapleton road, and new Showcase bus routes, as well as Rapid Transit route bids.
The official Bristol traffic heirarchy is that walking has priority over cycling, cycling has priority over public transport and finally public transport has priority over private single occupancy vehicles (cars!). This is not yet always observed!
There is also some great work with Living Streets in Bedminster and elsewhere and take a look at Playing Out, which shows what can be done simply by opening residential streets to children after school! http://playingout.net/
Finally, keeping street clutter to a minimum, encouraging residents to hold street parties, and discouraging wheelie bins and cars on pavements, can all help keep our streets healthier, safer, friendlier, cleaner and generally more sociable!
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All abilities cycling

All abilities bikes

Enjoying Bristol Cycling Carnival on "All abilities" bikes

The excellent “Freewheelin Carnival” in Bristol was one of the high spots of Bristol Cycling Festival.

Over 600 people of all ages dressed themselves and their bikes up and cycled from Queen Square, to Broadmead, to Cabot Circus, and back through Castle park to Queen Square.

The sun shone and we were surrounded by laughter, music and happy faces! Some great entries including the Elvis impersonators, the dinosaur, the chinese junk, the living room, complete with table and lamp stand, not to mention the tuneful pandemonium, the surfing bike, and the bike car!  Can’t wait for next year.

The highlight for me was the energy and excitement of the team on the “All Ability Bikes” pictured here. Very uplifting.


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Another small step for man…

I see good, positive, uplifting things happening in Bristol and affecting Bristol every day. This blog represents my first tentative step to sharing such stuff.

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