Communal bins – solving street problems?

Communal bins in Drummond Road, St Pauls (photo courtesy of Evening Post)

We are always looking for innovative ways to support our community. Here is an idea, common on the continent, working in St Pauls.

These residual waste bins and recycling bins have helped clear the streets of wheely bins, black bins and kitchen waste bins.

Results from a communal bin scheme launched earlier in the year for 80 homes in Drummond Road and Gwyn Street showed 100 per cent of people thought their streets were cleaner and 96 per cent wanted to keep the new scheme.

The new scheme is a pilot, and feedback from residents is welcome. Initial feedback is generally, but not universally good, so we will need to continue to respond to comments.

The latest survey results show

“Ninety-four percent of residents have said that they want to keep them.

The survey, carried out by Bristol City Council staff to gain the views of residents, also shows that:

  • 93% of respondents think the streets’ appearance has improved
  • 89% like the communal bins
  • 93% felt that the bins were easy to use
  • 70% recycled more since they have been installed

Householders in St Pauls trialed the new scheme for their household waste and recycling, because there was little off-street space for individual bins and boxes.”

If other areas would like to be considered for communal bins, then do let your councillor know.


About Jon Rogers

Avonmouth GP, Ashley Ward Liberal Democrat councillor, Bristol City Council Cabinet Member for Care and Health and responsibility for Cycling City. Enthusiastic commuter by foot, cycle, train and bus. Car for special occasions!
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3 Responses to Communal bins – solving street problems?

  1. MikeT says:

    Sounds good. Bottom of Picton St next?

  2. Andy White says:

    I’ve always thought this is a good idea ever since wheelie bins were introduced. It’s especially where streets have a high proportion of houses that have been converted into flats, or where the houses do not have front gardens.
    Badminton Road has loads of wheelie bins on the street, probably due to the difficulty of getting wheelie bins up the steps to the front gardens, so it would get my vote next.

  3. Jon Rogers says:

    Thanks Mike and Andy – suggestions of Picton Street, Montpelier and Badminton Road, St Agnes areas passed on to Streetscene team.

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